Tax Consultant in Hayward, CA

No one likes getting a big tax bill. Realizing you have to pay is more than just a headache—it can adversely affect your current and future financial position. To understand taxable events better and anticipate or avoid them, choose Menjivar & Company CPAs, Inc. as your tax advisor in Hayward, CA. We’ll make sure nothing about your taxes comes as a surprise.


Overseeing Financial Transactions

Whenever you’re in a position to exchange a large sum of money—no matter if you’re the recipient or the source—it pays to invest in a tax consultant in Hayward, CA. Many times, the exchange of funds signals a taxable event. Whether you’re selling assets (stock or properties), filing for divorce, gifting someone money or starting a trust, make sure you know about any tax ramifications.

When you come to Menjivar & Company CPAs, Inc., we’ll review the transaction with you and can offer advice on how to increase tax savings and reduce tax burden. We’ll make sure your taxable event burdens you as little as possible.


Tax Position Consultation

What did your filing look like last year? Do you expect it to be the same or different this year? Being aware of tax consequences and legal ramifications goes a long way towards ensuring your tax position is healthy and predictable. We take the guesswork out of owing money and help you establish an understanding of your tax position based on all contributing factors. With us on your side, nothing is a surprise when it comes to taxes.

Maximize Tax Savings

Don’t let unforeseen taxable events eat into your personal return or cripple your business’ cash flow. Consult with Menjivar & Company CPAs, Inc. to understand where you may be taxed and, more importantly, how to minimize your tax burden. Give us a call today at 510-582-3636 to inquire about taxable events and to get more information about how to maximize your tax savings.

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