Financial Services Are for Everyone

Financial Services Are for Everyone

June 21, 2019

From individuals with multiple investment accounts to small businesses that need payroll services, there are financial services in Hayward, CA available for everyone. The services and types of advice can vary widely across a spectrum of wealth, assets and size of the organization, and have to be tailored specifically to the individual or company in need of services. If you’re interested in learning more about what financial services are available to you in your specific situation, read on!

Investments and advisory

Individuals or companies that have multiple investments or assets often need to pay for outside financial services in Hayward, CA to manage them. Investment banking is a particular subset of financial management that encompasses generating capital through managing customers’ assets and investments. Many people who have multiple investments cannot adequately manage all of them on their own, and pay a third party to manage their bonds, property, stocks and savings. Knowledgeable investment bankers are better equipped to make smart and fast decisions about trading and managing.

Advisory may encompass a range of financial services depending on the organization. Financial advisors can help people and organizations determine which investments to purchase, aid in real estate endeavors, appreciate assets and more. They are knowledgeable about the financial industry in ways that others in other lines of business could not be, and help individuals and businesses make prudent financial decisions.

Wealth management

Similar to investment management, financial service providers who manage others’ wealth handle their cash and savings. Many wealthy individuals have multiple accounts, investments, stocks, bonds and other assets that are better handled by a dedicated wealth manager who can keep track of their multiple accounts, interest rates and savings. Wealth managers can help people save money in smart ways and investigate fees they might be paying for certain accounts or investments that aren’t gaining as they should be, and can make sure wealth is growing or at least maintaining its value.

Payroll services for small businesses

Another subset of available financial services in Hayward, CA are companies that handle payroll services for small business clients. These companies manage everything from W2s, writing checks and managing tax documentation during tax season to employee retirement plans, direct deposits, management reports and employee tax obligations. Small businesses often find that outsourcing their payroll needs takes a weight off their staff, freeing them up for managing other parts of the business, and leaving this specialized skillset to a dedicated payroll team.

Menjivar & Company CPAs, Inc is here to help with an array of financial services in Hayward, CA. We go above and beyond for every client, from the modestly wealthy individual to the robust corporation. We measure our success by your satisfaction. With decades of experience, you can feel confident when you place your finances and decisions in our hands. Our certified public accountants are up to date on all tax code changes and work diligently to help ensure your filings are complete. Plus, we can help you manage your tax position by identifying and maximizing deductions and acting as a financial advisor before taxable events. We always operate with your best interests in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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