What to Look for in a Financial Advisor in Hayward, CA

What to Look for in a Financial Advisor in Hayward, CA

March 15, 2019

Are you in need of a financial advisor in Hayward, CA? As you select a professional to partner with, what should you seek? What qualities are found in the best financial advisors in Hayward, CA?

Use the following list to vet each professional. Look for these qualities to find an industry leader who will have your best interests in mind as they work with you on your financial portfolio.


What experience does the financial advisor in Hayward, CA bring to the table? You probably don’t want to be his or her first client. Look for both longevity and type of experience. Have they managed accounts like yours in the past?

Education is another important aspect of experience. What training has the advisor completed? Find someone who is fully qualified with the right knowledge and experience to best help you with your financial concerns.


Certification as a financial advisor in Hayward, CA is a good sign that the professional has what it takes to provide quality service. Possible certifications include designation as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Advisors must complete extensive coursework, pass a rigorous exam, obtain experience and complete ongoing continuing education requirements to hold this designation. Other designations include Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Enrolled Agent (EA) and Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC).

Flat Fees

Several fee structures are common for financial advisors in Hayward, CA. Some charge by the hour. Others charge a flat fee. Still others base their fees on the total amount of assets they manage for you. Many also earn a commission on the products they sell you.

The best arrangement is typically a flat fee structure. With this plan, the advisor isn’t incentivized to sell you financial investments you don’t need, spend unnecessary time on your portfolio to milk more money or charge you more simply because you give them more of your portfolio to manage. The flat fee offers a straightforward approach that lets you know up front what you will be charged, and it helps keep the advisor honest and working in your best interest.

Teaching Philosophy

When you work with a financial advisor in Hayward, CA, you should become more educated, not more confused. The best advisors take the time to explain things to you and help you understand your financial options and investments.

This teaching philosophy should come through in all their interactions with you. After meeting with the advisor, you should not come away feeling overwhelmed or puzzled about your taxes or portfolio. Your options should be clearly laid out, your questions should be answered and you should feel comfortable interacting with your advisor as a helpful and informative teacher on the subject of money.

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